Farm Tables

Although we have come a long way since those first tables crafted in our garage, and we have done everything from wine cellars to restaurants to magazine spreads, our most popular item is still the simple, beautiful farm table.

Custom Countertops

The beauty of antique wood is unmatched as custom countertops and island tops.  We do not use stains on our wood, and the colors that you see are the original, natural colors and patinas.  The markings and finishes are original to each piece, and unique to each board.  No two pieces are alike.  The wood we start with is often grayed and seemingly unusable, but there is such beauty beneath the rough surfaces, if a craftsman has the know how and care to coax it out.

Custom Photo Boards

Started as a custom request from a food blogger, our photo boards have become so popular that they are now a permanent part of our line.  Made with the same attention to detail as our tables, our photo boards will be the star of your next food photoshoot.

Stop and Stay a while

We believe that the best tables foster the best meals-- best laughter--- best times together.  Pretend you are right here with us.  Pull up a chair to our handmade table and stay a while.  We've got sweet tea and all the time in the world.

You know what they say.  "If a farmer intends to loaf all day, he gets up early to make sure he has a head start."  More tea?