About Us

Farm Table

A Handmade Table from a Homemade Dream

Our business began in the dark. Literally.  From the quiet, small scale garage of our home, we started working with historical wood and learning historical building techniques. We made one table, and then another.  We learned about craftsman quality building skills that have been all but lost in today's mass-produced furniture markets.

Today our tables have traveled all over the country, from the purple smokiness of the Tennessee mountains, where they are made, to storm-weathered beach houses in Nantucket, to the rolling Piedmont wine country of Virginia.

One thing never changes, though.  Our dedication to quality-- that first spark of love that we felt when we created that first table in our garage, all those years ago. It is still a delight to see each piece-- as unique as a paper snowflake-- and opening up the grain of the wood and allowing the centuries old beauty to gleam and shine.

Although I guess it's safe to move the bikes back into the garage again, now.  😉

Meet the Team

Each of us here at The Handmade Table is dedicated to creating beautiful, one of a kind heirloom pieces for your home.  In an era when most furniture is mass produced in factories, our pieces truly stand out.  We are unique because of the beauty of the antique woods that we use, as well as the process of how our pieces are made and brought into being: with the eyes of an artist and the hands of a craftsman, one beautiful piece at a time.

David Howard

Founder & CEO

David was raised in the historical town of Greeneville, Tennessee, and began his professional journey as a CPA, but he always loved woodworking as a hobby.  When the time was right, he was able to turn his hobby into his full time job. You can still find him running pieces of wood through his fingers in his office, giving the rest of us gray hair, and eating cookies-- and he might even share if you're nice.

David is an award winning architect and builder, and has been featured in many prominent magazines, including Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine, Architectural Digest, and Country Living.


Shop Manager

Robert has been with The Handmade Table since the start of the company.  He specializes in finishing the tables, coating them with a polyurethane that is both beautiful in its similarity to historical waxes (which would have been used and constantly reapplied at the time), as well as its modern day functionality for keeping the pieces pristine and safe from liquid damage.

Robert steals the occasional cookie from David, but he does not share.


Design and Cabinetry

Chris is the newest member of The Handmade Table family, with expertise in classic cabinetmaking and dovetail joints.  He can often be found sanding off the rough, outer edges of our pieces, revealing the beautiful grain of the wood, beneath.

He says that David and Robert can fight over the cookies. He's taking the car keys.

Pull up a chair and stay a while

Tables are for togetherness.  Family dinners.  Homework, and craft projects.  Tables are for families.  So pull up a virtual chair to our Handmade Table and sit a spell.  Pour yourself some sweet tea and enjoy.